Our Philosophy

Planning First

The foundation to portfolio design and structure is a personalized wealth plan that incorporates your complete situation and unique goals.

Diversification is Critical

When it comes to investing, diversification is the only known “free lunch”. Portfolio science has proven that proper diversification creates a smoother path to achieving your financial goals. Downside risk management is a critical component of our process and protecting your wealth is constantly a top priority.

High-Quality Investments

We know that not all companies and portfolio managers are created equal. With Assante Capital Management Ltd.’s open architecture, we have the ability to build, design and manage your portfolio, using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and individual stocks and bonds. As well, we have relationships with high-quality portfolio managers from around the world that we can utilize in the structure of your portfolio.

Conservative and Disciplined Investing

We take a disciplined approach to investing that is proven, scalable and repeatable over multiple market cycles. Part of our value is making sure that you adhere to this disciplined approach, at times when fear or greed may seem enticing. Growing and preserving wealth is not about shortcuts or getting rich quick schemes, it is about maintaining a disciplined approach.

Open Architecture

At Migie Wealth Group we have the ability to build out portfolios utilizing Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), individual securities (stocks and bonds) and carefully screened actively managed pools. We can utilize a very wide variety of assets to create your portfolio.

Fee-Based Portfolio

We utilize a fee structure that enables us to focus on what is important – growing your wealth and helping you and your family achieve your financial goals.