Our Process

Wealth Health Formula


Fit Meeting – An opportunity to introduce ourselves, explain our process, philosophy, and wealth planning strategy. We will help you identify and discuss in detail, your long-term financial goals. This is the first step in determining if there is a fit to establish a long-term advisory relationship.

Financial Physical – We will collect all of your data and information, in order to get a comprehensive understanding of your situation. We believe in proper diagnosis before prescription. In order to provide the right advice, we need to properly understand your goals and unique situation.

Analyze, Evaluate and Strategize – We will conduct a thorough review of your financial data, which includes your corporate structure, investment portfolio, estate plan and tax strategies. We then create a customized wealth plan to optimize your financial position and to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals.

Consulting With Your Professionals and Our Experts – When necessary, we communicate and coordinate with your current legal and accounting advisors, as well as our expert team of internal legal, tax, and estate planning advisors.

Develop Your Wealth Plan – Our integrated plans provide significant insight into the development of your financial future, and a Wealth Formula for you to follow, in order to achieve your goals.

Portfolio X-Ray – We conduct a thorough analysis of your current portfolio by looking at performance metrics, fees, risk, asset mix, and sector allocation. This analysis allows us to identify where improvements can be made in order to optimize the structure of your portfolio.

Portfolio Design – We design a customized portfolio that will respond to the needs of your personalized wealth plan.

Implementation of Your Plan – After plan review and finalization, we will assist you in putting your plan into action.

Checkup and Adapt – We will meet on an ongoing basis to ensure that your wealth plan and portfolio structure is constantly responding to changing conditions and furthering your financial situation.